Gloria Maris Greenhills



is a
in itself

Celebrations held in the highest regards feature the most simple things; a nice venue, good food, and great company. And there is no better place to experience these simple joys than in Gloria Maris Restaurant. From wed­dings and parties to holiday treats and busi­ness meets, Gloria Maris guarantees you a wonderful time.

Our kitchen takes in only the finest ingredients from respected suppliers. Our culinary practices are run and managed by seasoned chefs flown in from Hong Kong. They—together with our equally skilled local crew—carefully plan every single dish put on the table. Through dining innovations like the Dimsum Kitchen and Hot Pot, we cater to a variety of palates; from old souls longing for something warm and hearty, to the young at heart looking for something fresh and exciting.

Apart from great food and facilities, it is our dedicated staff that makes this restaurant a destination in itself. Behind our doors are people who take your enjoyment as an achievement. Celebrate with us and experience Gloria Maris’ unrivaled service, radiant class, and authentic Chinese taste.